Searching for the Maximum

Searching for the Maximum

My friend, Jay Patel is an enabler. He has one of the most comprehensive photography book collections out of all my friends and he always inspires me with his wide breadth of knowledge on photography.


In the evening we were hanging out and watching “Chef’s Table” — a series on Netflix about chefs and their success stories. Most of them started from humble backgrounds, worked their way to the top and I saw that a lot of their success came from the fact that at a certain point, they didn’t give a flying hoot about what others thought about their food. They started to only make food that made them happy rather than trying to make food that pleased a large audience.


Jay showed me a book by great landscape photographer, Ken Duncan. He said in his book, Retrospective, “Over the last 10 years, what has interested me in taking photographs is the maximum — the maximum that exists in a landscape and the maximum I can produce from it. Sometimes I may achieve this goal immediately, but usually, for one reason or another, I am just not able to make the most out of a situation and so I have to photograph it time after time until I succeed. This repeated effort also helps to reassure me that I have in fact achieved the maximum.”



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