Kill Your Babies

Kill Your Babies

I have a problem. I often get too attached to my photos, especially my bad ones. I look at all of them like my children and I have a hard time deciding which to keep and which to ditch.


One mantra I have always tried to remind myself is: “Kill your babies.”


The problem is that our photos are like our babies and the idea of getting rid of them especially “killing them” is emotionally painful. And if the phrase “kill your babies” is too graphic for you, I recommend the British saying, “Kill your darlings.”


The problem in today’s society is that we have an overabundance of stuff, information and especially images. Every minute there are hundreds and thousands of images being uploaded to the internet. And 99% of these images are just junk or noise.


The solution? Before you decide to upload an image, think of why you are uploading the image. Is it because you are trying to show a beautiful masterpiece that will bring value to someone else’s world? Or because you are trying to get more “favourites” and likes?


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