How to Stay Motivated as a Photographer

How to Stay Motivated as a Photographer

Harness both repetition and variation to your work


To stay motivated is to go on a short trip to a different location. Now you don’t have to travel to an exotic location, just go to a city adjacent to yours (30 minutes away is fine). Jump in your car, drive there, park somewhere interesting and walk around and shoot. You will always find something interesting.


Work on a project


I feel that when working on a project, I am given a clear task, that gives me focus and motivation. There are days when I’m just out shooting aimlessly and I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”


Play “the imitation game”


Assume the alter ego of another photographer (whose style is dramatically different from yours) and try to imitate their style. For example, if you are the type of photographer that likes to photograph the ocean from a distance, then why not get close to the water as much as possible. You will definitely add more impact to your image. By assuming the role of another photographer (and imitating them)– you add more variety, randomness and a sense of thrill to your landscape photography.


Imagine losing your camera


Imagine how angry and frustrated you would feel for not being able to capture scenes. Just go on a walk without your camera, visualize interesting scenes and just photograph with your mind. I guarantee that you will find a lot of interesting compositions that you then will want to capture. You will then feel frustrated by the fact that you don’t have a camera and definitely will regret it.


Follow the Masters


Study many photography books. I always feel re-inspired and re-motivated whenever I look at great photography from the masters.


Don’t take your photography too seriously


Remember that landscape photography should be fun and enjoyable. Don’t feel that you always have to be motivated when you take pictures. Sometimes it is good to have a break from shooting and to recharge your creative and mental energy so the next time you go out and shoot, you will do so with vigour.



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