“GAS” Gear Acquisition Syndrome

“GAS” Gear Acquisition Syndrome

One of the things that is very difficult (in an age of marketing and advertisements) is to be satisfied with what we have specially when it comes to photography and cameras. They call this “GAS” (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) in which we are getting new cameras, lenses and equipment with the hope it will inspire us and help us become better photographers.


I was very much like this in the past. I would always be dissatisfied with the camera and lenses I owned and I felt that the next purchase would make me a better and more inspired photographer. I spent far too much on gear forums and camera rumour sites. I listed after the newest, shiniest and trendiest camera.


It happened with every camera. From my Nikon point and shoot, to my Nikon F5 and finally to my Nikon D610. But I still struggle with not getting tempted by all these new and sexy cameras.


My biggest regret is spending all that time, energy and money on all these new cameras and gear. I wish I invested it into experiences and not physical possessions. I wish I spent the money to travel more, to buy more photography books and invest in my education as a photographer.


So the moment you ever feel dissatisfied with your gear, the best remedy is to simply go outside and take photos. I find I am rarely dissatisfied with my camera when I’m outside actually making images. I’m only dissatisfied with my equipment when I’m comparing myself to others on the Internet and what they own.


Radiant Dawn

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