A Real and Unique Pleasure

A Real and Unique Pleasure

I’m Shahriar Shahidi my friends call me Shah. I started photography about ten years ago after being given a camera. I wanted to discover landscapes. It became a revelation in my life. I realized that there are endless possibilities and different ways to reinvent reality. For me, there was no doubt. I felt this inner calling which gave sense to everything. I try to use my camera as an asset to myself and not to stress others. First I was using film. I was loving its transformative power and I felt it could be easily intellectualized. Then, I stopped photography for a few years. I went back to it in 2012. I wanted a new start and tried digital. It was like another language, I felt new possibilities and it was more fun. I was intrigued by how painters use it. I also noticed photographic work of Peter Lik, Bill Brandt, Charlie Waite and Ken Duncan. I was captivated by their ability to create powerful pictures. Through them, I found out that inspiration can be everywhere and I try find to it through photobooks, novels, music and in paintings.


Harbour Reflections



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