A New Social Media Concept

A New Social Media Concept

I am active on social media. Having made Friends with mostly strangers.


I learnt a new concept. Rather than keeping in touch with random strangers on the web and trying to get lots of followers, likes, comments, etc, it is a better idea to keep in touch with close friends, colleagues, loved ones, and family. This feels more personal and more intimate.


In sociology, there is something called the “Dunbar Number”— the concept is that human beings evolved in tribes of 50-150 people. Apparently we cannot keep in touch with more than 150 people.


I read something interesting a while back; that a guy kept his Facebook friends list to 150 friends and when he wanted to add another “friend,” he had to remove one “friend.”


Can we really keep in touch with over 150 people? Most of us, myself included, follow thousands; that is simply not humanly possible.


Little Big Beach


The secret then? We have to edit down the number of people we follow and stay in touch with people we know.

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