10X Principle

10X Principle

I recently read a book titled: “How Google Works” and came across the “10x principle” that Google apparently follows.


The idea is quite simple, elegant and powerful: to be successful in any field, do it 10x better than anybody else.


In the book, “Zero to One”, author Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) also touches upon the “10x principle.”


This is how I interpret the differences between the 10x principles between the Google Book and Peter Thiel’s book.


At Google, employees are always encouraged to think of making “10x improvements” to an idea (thinking big) rather than just aiming for mediocre and incremental improvements.


In “Zero to One”, Peter Thiel says that entrepreneurs and businesses succeed by being 10x better than their competition and creating a monopoly in their industry.


If I want to be successful in my photography and make it my living, I think about how I can be 10x better than anyone else in my field.


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